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Jeff Jorgensen

Hello,  my name is Jeff Jorgensen, and welcome to my website! My hope is to share some of my experience and insights into how to help others and yourself through the storms of life.  My true desire is to help people find their path to living a fully reconciled life.  Reconciliation is a is a process of bringing two or more things into a right relationship.  It might also be described by the process of finding the joy and peace that passes all understanding.  I talk a great deal about my own journey on this blog but I also speak a great deal on helping people understand the effects of living an unreconciled life.  This is most often manifest in the presence of stress which can bring on the advent of mental illness.  I wan people to understand the effects of stress, mental illness and how to work effectively with children and adults struggling under the oppression of stress and often times mental illness.  I encourage you to comment on any of my posts or feel free to contact me directly at jeffjorgensen95@gmail.com  I would be honored to address any questions you may have after reading any of my posts.

Here, you can access some of my past speeches, learn everything you need to know about how to contact me, as well as read up on all I can bring to your workplace or organization.

Feel free to navigate about the site in any order that you wish.

To learn more about me, go to the About Jeff Jorgensen section of my site.

To ask me any specific questions related to effective communication, go to Contact Me.

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